No, Uvalde Taking photos Sufferer’s 2 Fathers Have been Not Proof of a ‘False Flag’

In a May 2022 television interview, two completely totally different “catastrophe actors” portrayed Amerie’s father Jo Garza, who was shot ineffective inside the Uvalde faculty taking photos.

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The Uvalde Massacre in May 2022, by way of which an armed assailant shot ineffective 19 children and two lecturers at Robb Elementary School, sparked a tsunami of grief and anger all through Texas, the US and previous.

Sadly, nonetheless, it has moreover fueled many predictable conspiracy theories, along with the now-known “false flag” rumors, which falsely declare whole atrocities are staged or maliciously orchestrated to advance a political agenda – usually launched as a weapon of enhanced administration.

Seeing the frustration on the faces of those whose children have been slaughtered of their faculty faculty rooms, it’s onerous to consider that any observer could counsel that the entire episode was a hoax and that the mourners have been “catastrophe actors” (players who, in line with conspiracy theorists, tried to steer viewers {{that a}} tragedy has occurred when it didn’t). Nonetheless, that is exactly what some self-discredited internet sites and activists are doing.

As an example, on May 27, the far-right propaganda website NewsTreason revealed a put up with the title, “Faux Flag? Uvalde Taking photos Victims Have Utterly totally different Fathers on CNN & NBC — How?”

The put up incorporates a 90-second video consisting of carefully edited excerpts from two television interviews, designed to create the impression that harmful actors, along with cable info networks, staged the Uvalde massacre and used “catastrophe actors” to portray members of the family. from the sufferer. On this particular case, the conspiracy precept promoter focuses on the family of 10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza, the lethal sufferer of an elementary faculty taking photos.

Consistent with the concept, the plot was derailed by having two completely totally different “actors” play the an identical father, thereby revealing their ruse.

In actuality, the two males interviewed have been Garza’s stepfather and natural father, each solely often known as his father in each interview.

On May 25, Anderson Cooper of CNN interviewed Angel Garza, who’s Amerie Jo Garza’s stepfather, and the husband of the woman’s mother, Kimberly Garcia. The interview could also be watched in full on YouTube.

On May 26, Savannah Guthrie, presenter of NBC’s Right now, interviewed Alfred Garza III, who’s Amerie Jo Garza’s natural father. The whole interview can even be watched on YouTube.

The woman’s family relationships are clearly outlined in her obituary, which was revealed on the internet web site of the Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Residence in Uvalde on May 25 — sooner than Conspiracy theorists say his father’s two statements haven’t any plausible rationalization:

Data of Amerie Jo Garza’s dying, which clearly outlined that she had a natural father and stepfather, was accessible on-line for five days sooner than Charlie Kirk, conspiracy theorist and founding father of the far-right Turning Degree USA, promoted the NewsTreason video on Rumble, and to about 2 his .4 million Fb followers.


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