Meet the Lake Orion, EMU grad who flew F-18’s in ‘Excessive Gun: Maverick’

LAKE ORION, Michigan (WXYZ) — The model new sequel “Excessive Gun: Maverick” broke area office knowledge for Memorial Day weekend, marking crucial area office debut of Tom Cruise’s occupation.

As you watch Hollywood stars fly through the sky in an F-18, chances are high you may be shocked to review that considered one of many exact pilots on the controls is a graduate of Lake Orion Extreme Faculty and Japanese Michigan Faculty, who was first learning to fly. Southeast Michigan.

“There are parts of CGI, nevertheless each factor CGI depends on smart fire,” explains US Navy Pilot Lt. Cmdr. Christian Fraser.

Frasher, a Lake Orion native, spent about six weeks in 2019 filming “Excessive Gun: Maverick,” sharing his cockpit with film stars paying homage to Miles Teller, Glen Powell, and Tom Cruise.

“They do a Hollywood magic the place they see actors inside the once more seat and they also look ahead on the pilot, the exact pilot inside the entrance seat, after which they make edits and it’s like they’re flying. , “outlined Fraser. “Tom Cruise not at all flew a plane. They did a extraordinarily good job of making it look that strategy.”

Frasher attended the East Michigan collegiate aviation program, teaching first at Willow Run Airport sooner than lastly flying in entrance of Hollywood cameras, doubling as Cruise.

“I observed the once more of my head,” Frasher said with a smile, describing the first time he’d seen the film. “I observed the once more of my head with the little haircuts they caught to the once more of my hair to make me look like Maverick.”

Whereas on set, Frasher said he moreover equipped ingenious enter, watched scenes and equipped solutions to actors.

“What we noticed was that the one actor who regarded cosy on the plane was Tom Cruise,” Frasher said. “So I had this idea, hey, why don’t we take it? We do not need to film one thing, get them inside the backseat of the F-18 and make them further cosy. So we go in the marketplace and do that for Miles and I have no idea. , I imagine it labored. He ended up making an attempt pretty good in that film.”

Whereas working with all the actors, Frasher said they’ve been able to bond and chat, talking to Cruise about his plane.

“As soon as we’ve got been lastly inside the cockpit collectively I was like ‘Dude, I’ll title you Maverick, it’s possible you’ll title me Griff. There’s no rank inside the cockpit and we’ll get this over with’ and he utterly cherished it,” Frasher said of his first dialog. with Cruises. “As soon as we flew into the world to do scenes and such, we’ve got been merely talking regarding the P-52 Mustang. I keep in mind talking about driftwood as soon as we purchased once more to land.”

Although his determine may not appear on the excessive of the credit score, Frasher’s work is clearly seen inside the closing product. It was an experience he would keep in mind for the rest of his life.

“The type of once-in-a-lifetime various, which is why I’m so adamant on making it the proper we may very well be,” Frasher said. “So proud.”

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